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My Story

Welcome to Walla Walla, where our farm transforms into a captivating wheat wonderland nurtured by skilled American farmers.


Dedicated to the culture of hard work that transcends mere concepts to become a way of life. Amidst golden wheat fields, I absorbed the vitality of agriculture, learning invaluable lessons in dedication and resilience. The farm instilled a profound appreciation for the grains sustaining us—a sentiment I carry into every facet of my culinary journey. Integrating enduring lessons from the farm into my culinary exploration goes beyond mere grain milling; it's a celebration of the dedication instilled since childhood. As I guide you through the art of grain milling and cooking, imagine the world of grains, one hearty recipe at a time, and share recipes with a sense of connection to the land shaping my identity. Join me in this adventure where hard work, heritage, and a love for wholesome food converge. Let's explore the world of grains, one hearty recipe at a time. Here's to the simple joy of milling, cooking, and relishing the fruits of our labor.

Fueled by a deep love for the fields, mirrors the profound roots of our golden treasures. Imagine expansive wheat fields dancing like a Broadway chorus, extending beyond your Wi-Fi signal's reach.


Join us in reviving the charm of the good ol' days when farmers weren't just tillers but unsung heroes at your dinner table. In the heart of the prolific Pacific Northwest (PNW), I am proud to be part of a farm that plays a vital role as a producer and exporter of wheat, renowned for premium hard red winter wheat—a global bread-making staple. The quantity of wheat from the PNW to global markets fluctuates annually, influenced by weather, market demands, and international trade dynamics. As a wheat-exporting hub, a substantial portion of our harvest embarks on a journey to countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America."



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